A Ceiling Fan Can Be A Sign

Ceiling Fan Sign Patent 6,193,384 

Your Business Logo

On the Fan Sign

Many Possibilities

Complex Logo Converted to the Fan Sign

And You Choose the Font

It can all be programmed into the Fan Sign before installation

Ease of Installation

To install, replace the original blades with the Fan Sign blades and connect the control module just below the fan's switch box.

No Internet Required

No Computer Required

An Indoor Billboard With Radio Control

The Fan Sign comes with a radio remote communicator which will edit and transmit messages up to 999 characters long. You can create and store 9 messages to use at your convenience.

A Circular Sign

A 360° Scrolling Sign

The characters are displayed on 90% of the circumference of the fan (that's over 10 feet long!). 

The message scrolls at a speed that you control. 

The entire message can be viewed from anywhere in the room.

The “See-Through” Sign

Objects behind the sign are not covered and remain visible. This feature catches and keeps the attention of customers while your specials and sale items scroll in front of their eyes.

This is due to a phenomenon called persistence of vision.

As the blades travel across your vision, small LED lights, are turning on and off at precise locations so it appears that the message is floating in the air.

No other advertising medium offers the same eye capturing capability as the Fan Sign.

Your message is legible from over 80 feet away.

If you have a 5 blade ceiling fan, that space can communicate any message that you can type.

The Ceiling Fan Sign was invented in Texas and is built in Texas, southwest of Houston.

To learn more:

call  (713) 581-4202

email: info@ceilingfansign.com